Supporting the wind industry

in Scandinavia
Ship transport

In the summer of 2023, EMS-Fehn-Group once again contributed to the shift to green energy by delivering all components for a wind farm to Scandinavia. With the team of EFG Finland taking the lead, EMS-Fehn-Group was in charge of major parts of the supply chain and made sure that all components arrived at the construction site in time and mint condition.

„Our customer definitely benefited from our all-inclusive package,“ says EFG Finland’s managing director Valtteri Korpinen. Established in early 2023, the Jyväskylä-based company provides the full set of EMS-Fehn-Group’s worldwide logistics services to the Scandinavian market. In the case of the wind turbine components, EFG Finland acted as preeminent point of contact for the customer and coordinated every aspect of the multimodal transport project.

Loading operations
The scope of services provided encompassed organizing the sea transport of components from various European ports, managing the transshipment of the components, conducting road surveys with experienced local partners and finally overseeing the on-carriage by means of various trailer configurations to the construction site. All in all, roughly 1,200 tons of delicate wind turbine components were safely delivered to their destination in a matter of just a few weeks. The maximum dimensions of the cargo ranged from 5 meters in width (nacelles) to 70 meters in length (blades), and 108 tons in weight (tower segments).

As usual with EMS-Fehn-Group, professionals in various disciplines joined forces to arrive at the best solution for the customer. „At first, we thoroughly examined all options that proposed themselves for this transport,“ says Valtteri Korpinen. „When developing such a concept, you need to consider multiple variables and take the entire picture into account. For example, the shortest route doesn’t necessarily have to be the best choice.“ In addition, projects like this always involve a number of parties. „It’s paramount to make sure that all of them are on the same page at any time,“ Valtteri points out. „For this, precise targets need to be defined and communicated – and then it has to be ensured that these targets are being met.“

Road transport
Scrutinizing every detail is not only important while developing sophisticated transport solutions, but also once the cargo is underway. „For example, we had our own personnel monitoring port operations,“ explains Valtteri Korpinen. „This way, we were able to ensure that each and every component was handled with the utmost care and to react swiftly when changes in the sequence of their delivery had to be made on short notice. With projects like this, you always have to expect the unexpected and be ready to cope with new challenges before they turn into real issues. And, of course, our customer received detailed status reports throughout the entire project.“
Choosing the right partners and keeping everyone involved up to date is crucial, especially when working on a tight schedule wich, in addition, is also subject to weather conditions. With decades of experience in worldwide project logistics and in-depth knowledge of local markets, EMS-Fehn-Group is able to rely on a strong network of hand-picked service providers. „I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this project,“ says Valtteri Korpinen. „It’s always fun when everything clicks and things work out exactly as planned.“
Road transport